What is the Destination Airport and  Departure Airports, Airlines?

Destination Airport: Iloilo International Airport

Departure Airports: Cagayan de OroCebuClarkDavaoGeneral SantosHong KongManilaPuerto PrincesaSingapore, Cuyo IslandSipalay

Airlines: Air Juan, Air Asia, Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines




How do I get to the Resort from the airport?

1. Take a taxi (ca. 500PHP / 25min) from Iloilo Int. Airport to Iloilo Parola     Terminal / Pump Station (Parola City Mall).

2. Take a boat to Buenavista Wharf / Pump Station (20PHP/Person / 10min).

3. Take a Jeepney (ca. 30PHP / Direction Cabano / ca. 30min), Single   Motorcycle (ca. 150PHP / ca. 20min), Tricycle (ca. 250PHP / ca. 20 min) or our   Shuttle Service (500PHP / ca. 20 min) to our Resort.
Address: Playa de Paraiso /  San Lorenzo / Guimaras


Q: Do you have easy conditions to learn Kitesurfing?
A: Yes, we have shallow warm water and steady winds. It cannot be easier to learn! 



Q: Who can learn Kitesurfing?

A: Everyone can learn Kitesurfing. No matter about the age or sex. Just go for it!



Q: Is your Kiteschool / Resort beach front? 

A: Yes, we are located directly at the beach. Just 25m away from the water.



Q: When is the best time to kite in Guimaras?

A: Weather in Guimaras is divided into 2 seasonal weather patterns:

Amihan (cool northeast or east wind) and Habagat (west or southwest wind).


The Amihan season is characterized by moderate temperatures with little or no rainfall and a prevailing wind from the north-east / east. Amihan season is roughly from November to April. This is also known as the kite season.


The Habagat season, on the other hand, is marked with hot and humid weather, along with frequent rainfall and a prevailing wind from the west / south-west. Habagat season falls around May to October. During this season, kitesurfing at Guimaras is not possible.



Q: How can I make a reservation?

A: You can message us and we will reply to you within 24 hours of receiving it. Click here.
Deposit is 10% of the total bill



Q: How can we pay for our room, kite course etc.?

A: You can pay either CASH, VIA BANK TRANSFER or PayPal.
You will need to shoulder any additional fees that incur in the Bank Transfer or PayPal Transfer. 
ATM you can find at Iloilo Airport, Iloilo Parola City Mall, Buenavista Wharf (Guimaras) .......



Q: What should i bring for my kite lesson?

A: Please bring your swim gear, sun cream, sunglasses and a good mood.



Q: How can I travel around the island?

A: You can travel by Jeepney, Trike, Taxi or you rent out a motobike.